Open to everyone and designed specifically for body builders. Approach stretching in a slow, even way to avoid muscle spasms, joint tears or spinal compressions. $14 drop-in

Body Builder's stretch

Total body 60 minute workout incorporating HIIT, body weight, weight training, circuits, and stretching techniques. $12 drop-in

body burst

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) uses a system of work-hard then recovery intervals. This class will maximize calorie burn throughout the day. $12 drop-in

body 360HIIT

A dancehall class, incorporating current moves inspired by the culture and livelihood of Jamaica! $10 drop-in

body language

An Afro-Brazilian art form which comines fight, dance, rhythm, and movement. Disguised through music, it helps develop coordination, fitness, flexibility, and body awareness. $15 drop-in


Bosu means Both Sides Up. Stand, sit, kneel, and lie on both sides of the BOSU. Step, bounce, squat, and sweat your way to a stronger, more functional body! $10 drop-in

cardio bosu balance

Use your entire body for an hour. Drum, bounce physio balls, and gain balance, strength, and flexibility. $14 drop-in

cardio drum

Total body workout class that includes 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of body weight and weighted exercises. $12 drop-in

cardio sculpt

A good old dance aerobics class, using latin, pop, and world music, choreographed in easy to follow moves. Not high intensity - high energy! $10 drop-in

dance alive!

A unique urban style dance class designed by Sahar. Incorporating a variety of styles, this is a chair and glam dance class. MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR DIVA DANCE

diva dance

Half total body workout and half spinning in one calorie burning hour! Always a wide variety of workouts offered. $12 drop-in

fitspin 30/30

Explore movement creatively and gain knowledge of hip hop and breakdancing foundational skills. All ages welcome! $15 for 1 child/$25 for 2

kids hip hop & Breakdancing

Designed to move the body through a sequence of whole body exercises that re-educate your body as you align, lengthen and strengthen from head to toe! $10 drop-in

Mat pilates

Men of all ages! Connect to "foundation," the building blocks of Yoga and experience the centering and toning effects of Yoga practice. $10 drop-in

men's yoga foundations

For new and experienced students, with a focus on movement with the breath. $15 drop-in

mindful yoga

Moms and toddlers meet on the mat. Bounce balls, use drumsticks, imitate animals, and find new ways to explore movement and make friends! $14 drop-in

mom & toddler yoga

Incorporating classical pilates on the mat with the Bosu. This class challenges balance while adding some cardio. $10 drop-in

pilates bosu

60 minutes of interval training on a stationary bike, where participants pedal to the beat of the music. MUST RESERVE A BIKE WITH THE MINDBODY APP (Search Amy Woods Fitness) OR EMAIL AMYWOODSFITNESS@GMAIL.COM


45 minutes of interval training on a stationary bike, where participants peal to the beat of the music. 10 minutes of core at the end. MUST RESERVE A BIKE WITH THE MINDBODY APP (Search Amy Woods Fitness) OR EMAIL AMYWOODSFITNESS@GMAIL.COM

spin & core

Using mats, straps, blocks, and music, we learn how the mind and body work together. Practice balancing, stretching, twisting, understanding how our attitude shapes our experience and our mood. $14 drop-in

tweens yoga fit

An approach to Yoga on the mat where every body has a solid chance of finding their way our of specific patterns that can limit range of motion, comfort, or cause injuries. $14 drop-in


Using props, we imitate animals, warm up, stretch, roll on rollers, and connect through movement, laughter, and imagination. Moms can join or watch. $14 drop-in

young ones yoga fit fun