Emily’s class is a gorgeous balance of structure and flexibility, my seven year old handful of a boy was focused the whole time and had a blast while we attended. Milo still talks about miss Em and miss Kris and loves to show of the breakdancing skills he learned during his time at dance class.
— Happy Mom about Kid's Hip Hop Class

Not your average yoga teacher! Funny, caring and with a thorough knowledge of anatomy, Trisha offers classes that are challenging and appropriate for advanced students as well as those new to the practice of yoga. She can help you work through an injury or keep an old body supple and strong with clear, concise instructions making her easy to follow. We are unbelievably lucky to have her here!
— Peg LoPresto about Tricia Duffy's IYA Yoga

I’ve taken Tricia Duffy’s Dance Alive class for many years now and she NEVER fails to inspire me, challenge me both physically and mentally and put a huge smile on my face. Tricia is a true professional, dedicated to creating exciting, upbeat routines. She is also an accomplished yoga instructor and is committed to educating her dance students about proper form and the safe execution of her heart pumping moves. As an almost 60 year old with a bad knee I appreciate her understanding of physiology as much as I love her use of varied musical genres. Her passion and energy is infectious and I can honestly say I do everything in my power to arrange my schedule so that I never miss her Dance Alive classes!
— Nancy O'Leary about Tricia Duffy's Dance Alive!

Where to begin??? Tricia, her classes, her massages are top notch. For those of us with aging bodies...and even young bodies who know to take care of themselves...will love her classes. Cardio drum, yoga and dance are all taught with an emphasis of keeping our bodies strong and supple. She is incredibly knowledgeable about how our bodies work and age. She shares her knowledge with us and explains why we need to be aware of using our bodies correctly. With popular music and movement she makes “work” fun!!
— Beth T Quinn about Tricia Duffy's Classes

Someone recommended I try Sally LaRue’s Mat Pilates Class at EveryBodiesStudio. I was surprised to learn what “Classical Pilates”
is and how much tiny differences/shifts matter and how much hands on the body helps! Sally was compassionate plus willing to
teach me “baby basics” when she knows so very much more.
I’ll go EVERY Tuesday I’m in town now!!!
— Gail Tomala about Sally LaRue's Mat Pilates